About Us

We are a group of companies that, through a digital platform , after selection, authorization and personalized invitation makes investment strategies available to the investor in series special shares issued by MULTITUDES indirectly channeled to the purchase of real estate in order to give you security and capital gains.

The services offered by the group of companies through PROFUNDING are NOT for the general public, they are directed ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY to investors previously selected and to whom an investment offer has been approved.

How do we do it?

With the help of small investors we raise enough capital to invest in real estate.


We invest the capital.

We sell the property.


We distribute the return proportionally to the contribution of each investor.

Our Team

Jorge Heredia Horner

Jorge Heredia Horner

Real estate and financial experience in home and apartment sales, as well as in the placement of more than 1,000 mortgage loans in Mexico, for 25 years.

Socio Emilio Bezanilla Alvarez

Emilio Bezanilla Alvarez

23 years of financial and real estate experience, both in the development of more than 5,000 housing units, as well as in the domestic (for 18 years) and international (for 3 years) investment markets.

Socio Jorge Menchaca Pérez Rulfo

Jorge Menchaca Pérez Rulfo

20 years of experience in home and land sales, development of subdivisions and commercial plazas; adding 10 years as a real estate investor.

Socio Natalia Bezanilla Treviño

Natalia Bezanilla Treviño

Degree in Foreign Trade and Customs, with a master's degree in International Trade, with more than 20 years of experience in the area.

Socio José Luis JOEDA®️ de Alba

José Luis JOEDA®️ de Alba

Precursor of the software industry in Mexico, Co-Creator and Co-Founder of CONTPAQi, the best-selling software in the country. Business Architect, Social Transformer and Evangelist on innovation and entrepreneurship on innovation and entrepreneurship with more than 45 years of experience in the Technology and IT sector. Current CEO of INCIPIO Ventures, Venture Builder.

Socio María Fernanda Orozco Gómez

María Fernanda Orozco Gómez

Founder and CEO of Rootmate and EstudioFernandaOrozco, with more than 6 years of experience in interior design, bars and restaurants.

Socio Natalia Bezanilla Treviño

Alberto Tapia Reynoso

Managing Partner of Alberto Tapia Contadores Públicos, S.C., a firm of professionals that includes management graduates, public accountants and lawyers, who provide auditing, financial advisory, tax and strategic planning services. Member firm of the international accounting firm Moore (international accounting firm ranked 11th in the world and 6th nationally).

Socio José Luis JOEDA®️ de Alba

Roberto Orozco Gómez

Degree in Administration and Finance, with experience in the financial area and special emphasis on pure leasing, for more than 6 years.