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How does it work?


Create your account in Profunding, and send us your data to be registered .You can also download our application on your iOS or Android device.


We will validate your documents in accordance with current legislation, so you can choose the project in which you want to invest.


Review the catalogs and decide in which project you would like to invest.


Select the project(s) you want to invest in.


Receive updates about your property, wait y and see your return.

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You can repeat the process as many times as you want!
We take care of monitoring the development of your investment.

Benefits of Profunding

    Team with extensive experience in the real estate sector.

    In just a few clicks, invest from anywhere.​

    Investment with great profitability as it is backed in special series of shares indirectly channeled to the acquisition of real estate ​ in order to give you security and capital gains.

    Opportunity to have an attractive return through investment in special series of shares backed by real estate.

    All security certificates for the use of your accounts and cards on our Website and Mobile Application.​

Investment projects

Invest from $ 50,000.00 MXN in special series of shares in the Project that you like the most.

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Profunding is a digital platform that allows individuals and legal entities of Mexican nationality, who meet certain requirements, to invest in private real estate capital.

Because they are investments in special series of shares indirectly channeled to the acquisition of real estate in order to provide security and capital gains.

We are a modern, very safe, flexible and digital way of investing with the possibility of obtaining returns through the subscription of special series of shares from very accessible amounts to almost any budget.

Through the subscription of special series of shares with economic rights and without corporate rights in the company, you immediately become a shareholder.

This company buys a property in its name that becomes a guarantee of the company of which you are a shareholder. When selling the property, a return is received, which the company itself returns proportionally to the shareholders in accordance with the rules established in the corresponding investment contract.

In other words, the shares you acquire are backed by real estate, without guaranteeing a return, as it is a risky investment. ( See risk factors).

At PROFUNDING we have a committee whose purpose is to analyze the different real estate offers on the market, and from all of them choose the one that represents a balance with the best performance, security, capital gains, commercialization level, builder experience, location, project design, etc., etc.

Only the best real estate projects are the ones that we offer to investors. Only the best valued real estate projects are the ones that we offer to investors for consideration. You can be sure that each of the options in our catalogs was validated by our team of experts.

Our platform has the possibility of having a personal conversation with our clients. Most of the people want to invest in a simple and fast way, without major procedures and with few clicks, but if you want to have a more personal treatment, we can assist you directly at our headquarters or by phone at 33 300 343 00.

By contract, a beneficiary must be defined from the beginning, who would remain as the owner of the investment

Of course, you can make an appointment at 33 300 343 00 or send an email to info@profundig.mx.

At PROFUNDING we have a secondary market for these cases, through the following procedure:

(i) Personalized invitation to new investors for the acquisition of the special series of shares of the investor who wants to withdraw;

(ii) An offer will be made to previously invited investors, where an intermediate market price of the investment will be established, between the initial value and the estimated final value, which is convenient for both the investor who is withdrawing, as well as for the new one. investor, who will contribute the money for the acquisition of the corresponding special series of shares.

PROFUNDING does not re-buy that participation, but we put this option for the consideration of our investors, where they can buy the special series of shares of the investor who wants to withdraw or in their case, invite new investors in a personalized way.

At PROFUNDING, we deliver your performance already with the corresponding tax withholding, so the net money that reaches your account is already after taxes. In your annual return you must add that you received your total income and that we withheld your income tax.

At the moment we do not have reinvestments, but we are working to make this possible very soon

That is how it is! Within PROFUNDING you will obtain a higher rating as you invest in special series of shares and according to the time you have been with us. We also have some exclusive promotions to reward the loyalty and trust of our best investors.